What is Pelota Mixteca?

Pelota Mixteca, Mixtec ballgameThe pic in the masthead is a game of Pelota Mixteca from 1940 in Parián, Oaxaca, MX.

See more Images – Video. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it: pelota mixteca article.

I spent some time in Oaxaca in 2005 and shot video to make a mini documentary. A couple of teams in Etla let me hit around with them and drink the fuel of the game: not gatorade, but mezcal. Mezcal is not only a prescription for all things good and all things bad, but also for if you get hit with the 900 gram latex ball. Not recommended (getting hit). It is recommended to pretend to be hit, although it’s not a requirement for drinking.

The guantes weigh up to 6 KG and are nicer than my car. Some of them cost as much as 400 USD, but this may have been the gringo price. Nevermind. The amount of love and design that goes into the gloves is equal to their beauty.


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